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An irregularly published 'zine of minimalist poetry and poetics.
No Wave
"'Zine is a 4-letter word." An ultra lo-fi publication that showcases punk, street, "deviant", outsider, and assorted no wave art, poetry, prose, and critical theory.
(Out of print.)
Underground politics and radical cultural analysis. Articles, action updates, and art from the anti-authoritarian left. Up-and-coming voices from the struggle for peace & justice as well as more established essayists like Mickey Z. and Ron Jacobs. Takes up where No Wave left off.
Starfish :: www.starfishpoetry.net
A quarterly journal of Surrealist literature. Electronic by PERSISTENCIA*PRESSonline, no print copies available.(No longer of the PERSISTENCIA imprint; now owned and edited by Martin Marriott.) 
David E. Patton
Milk Bowl Moon Over St. Louis
Part Langston Hughes bebop, part Beat freestyle, part Midwestern folk banter. 23 pages, staple bound, white heavy stock cover.
Billy Pendulum
Colored Glass
A work fitting the poet's name, Pendulum's brief verses swing here and there without warning. Ranging from the humorous to the macabre, they are in his own words, "rhymes from the end of the world." 13 pages, staple bound, color cover art.  (Out of print.)
Phil Primeau
Immaculate War 
Erotic and hallucinatory, this brief and accessible collection combines free wheeling typography with ecstatic, surreal imagery. 25 pages, staple bound, B&W cover art. (Out of print.)

Jeff Harrison
Queen of Hearts 
A delicate and elusive love poem. 23 pages, staple bound, color cover art.
Kirby Olson
Waiting for the Rapture 
29 Christian-themed poems from a self-described "Lutheran Surrealist." Loosely based on the aesthetics of Charles Reznikoff's objectivism, but with a feeling that is more similar to that of Philippe Soupault -- a wistful quality, but the subject matter is the Lutheran family's confrontation with the postmodern world. 36 pages, staple bound, color cover art.
Now on its third printing.
harry k. stammer
every, beyond't nothing
Stammer's poetry is never still.  It is always restless, always branching out and growing back in on itself.  It is special. Perhaps, even, it is one of a kind. Stammer's textual potions are post-Language excursions which test the firmament of syntax. Just as his (equally ambitious) visual experiments prod - and sometimes outright mock - the link between word and image, so his poetry defies the relationship between language and thought. His unusual mind-to-page transcriptions attempt to redefine writing as a more organic process. 
Jack Raoul
Section IX from No. by Kenneth Goldsmith
Jack Raoul reproduces the work of avant-garde poster boy Kenneth Goldsmith. Painstakingly copying Section IX of Goldsmith's No., Raoul remains loyal to the parent text down to the letter.  Part prank, part treatise, part tribute.
G Emil Reutter & Phil Primeau
Plain Speak/Sweet Speak
A dynamic collaboration which consists of a base text (GER) and a "remixed" text (PP). With radically different takes on the same poems, the e-chap shows the wild versatility of language. Smart and cool, this thick but very readable e-chap is not to miss.

Mark Stricker
switches [releases]
More information forthcoming.

Phil Primeau
words without image
A brief collection of minimalist "anti-visual" poems, words without image is an experiment in pure language. 7 pg., B&W cover art, staple bound.

Phil Primeau
Motion Sickness 
Minimalism meets xerox art in a three part by-mail series. Each packet contains three to five full page poems. Corner stapled, document stock white paper. (Some back copies available.)
A mini-series of erotic broadsides. Each issue is devoted to the work of a single poet.
     Lipstick #1: "mnml erotique" by Frank North
     Lipstick #2: "inOUTin" by Anonymous